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ASEFA as a Certification Body delivers Certificates in fields of High Voltage and Low Voltage following different processes :

Low voltage :

• ASEFA Type Certification

LOVAG Type Certification


• EV READY Mark 


High Voltage :

• ASEFA Type Certification

• ASEFA Type Certification according to STL requirements STL link page ASEFA


Type Certification unlike Mark Certification (LOVAG and EV READY Mark) does not require an initial factory audit and monitoring (annual audit, control tests ...). In this, the Mark Certification brings to market evidence of increased confidence in the Product Safety and provide to the manufacturer clear visibility for its contractors and Authorities.


Through ASEFA Certification, you also have access to certification schemes provided by the LCIE (International Certification - CB Scheme, GS, MET...) with the possible recognition of ASEFA test result.

Through ASEFA Certification you bring to your customers and markets means to:

•        verify and prove compliance of your products with the standards of your Sector

•        provide strong evidence of the safety of your equipment in case of Authorities inspections


ASEFA also allows you to maximize your time and costs through the recognition of test results of your laboratory. To do this, your labs will have to be recognized by ASEFA through a registration process.

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